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Manufacturers, contractors, suppliers 

Experts in the brick industry in Egypt 

About Us

The group started to manufacture handmade red bricks in 1980 at Al-Basha Red Bricks Factory as a family business. Its goal was to participate in building a giant entity to help build the country, and in 1995 an automatic production line was added, and it was our duty at that time to keep pace with development and preserve the environment, so we developed fire furnaces to operate with natural gas. 

The work continued until we decided to diversify our products, so we built the Neom Power complex for cement industries, and Yavuz Company, the agent of the German HAMDAN MAK company for block and interlock machines, and these companies and factories were merged under The Block Co. Our products won the admiration of our customers due to our distinguished prices and high quality, which encouraged us to reach production of about 8 million blocks per month. 

Year after year, we have gained good experience in the brick industry to be safe in constructions. Our vision is "participation in the manufacture and construction of imagination." The block has a new generation of young people with different ideas and creativity, as they work to establish a clear vision that is shared with success partners in order to achieve this vision. 

Our values 


تعزيز ثقافة السلوكيات الحميدة والصادقة مع بعضنا البعض من خلال الإلتزام بالمعايير الأخلاقية العالية

التركيز على العملاء

تكريس الجهود للحفاظ على رضى جميع عملائنا من خلال بناء علاقات طويلة الأجل تركز على الجودة والأسعار التنافسية.


الإلتزام بتلبية أهداف المجموعة مع الإسهام إيجاباً على البيئة العامة للشركة.

تطوير الأيدي العاملة

تعزيز التنمية الفعالة للشباب من خلال تصميم برامج تدريبية موجهة للشباب للمساهمة في التنمية الإجتماعية

المسؤولية الاجتماعية

المساهمة في التنمية المستدامة للشركة من خلال تقديم القيمة الاقتصادية والاجتماعية لأصحاب المصلحة.



Commitment to meet the group objectives while contributing positively to the general environment of the company. 

Customer focus 

Devoting efforts to keep all our customers satisfied by building long term relationships, focusing on quality and competitive prices. 



Promoting a culture of benign and honest behaviors with each other by adhering to high ethical standards 

Social Responsibility 

Contribute on sustainable development of the company by providing economic and social value to stakeholders. 


Manpower development 

Promoting the effective development of youth by designing training programs targeting youth to contribute on social development 

Our message 

We are constantly working on finding appropriate ways to enable employees to achieve their fullest potential that reinforce our values and ensure that we have competent workers, with the right skills, to work in the right jobs, and at the right time. 

Our mission is to provide employees with the necessary tools and support to enable them to achieve outstanding performance that exceeds our expectations and creates geniuses and future leaders for us or others. 


Our vision 

Participate in manufacturing and building imagination. To achieve a strong position in the construction sector and contribute to the industrial and urban development in Egypt. 

Our goals 

Our goal is to introduce our customers the quality and specifications of our cement and red bricks, which comply with the European specifications for our production machines and the Egyptian quality standards for our products, to ensure that we provide our customers with the best types of blocks and interlocks through our values and passion for development. 


Our partners 

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